Smart SMS - Increase Sales by using Bulk SMS Text Messages Management.

Increase Sales with Bulk SMS

Ask any Business Person or Marketing Guru and they’ll confirm that it is easier to sell more product to existing Customers than to try and convert Prospects. Send a Bulk SMS to all your clients offering a new service or new product or discount. Existing Customers know your service and trust you and the products you supply. It is also important to maintain contact with your Customers and build the relationship.

Save Time with Bulk SMS

Smart SMS is easy to use, user friendly and support is a telephone call away. Type your Bulk SMS, select the customer/s to whom the Bulk SMS must go and press "Send". Within minutes your SMS message is delivered. You can’t compare this to traditional Mail. Functions available include: A complete Phonebook Group your customers according to Product, Service, Preferences or anything you need. A customer can belong to as many Groups as you need.

Send an SMS and Save Money

Send an SMS to your Customer to remind them about their appointment or that it’s time for their next Check-up. This will cost less than a post card and stamp or even a telephone call. Especially when many Customers take the opportunity to have a chat as well….time is money.

Pay by credit card once your account has been approved.

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